Identifikasi Faktor-Faktor Risiko Stres dan Variabel Sosiodemografi Berdasarkan Surkesda Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam 2006

Idaiani, Sri and Lubis, Agustina and Pradono, Julianty and Suriani, Oster (2007) Identifikasi Faktor-Faktor Risiko Stres dan Variabel Sosiodemografi Berdasarkan Surkesda Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam 2006. Media Penelitian dan Pengembangan Kesehatan, 17 (SI). S68-S77. ISSN 0853-9987

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Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam (NAD) is a region which has faced protracted conflict following by tsunami disarter on December, 26 2004. Surkesda NAD 2006, as post tsunami health survey, was conducted in the middle of 2006 which included Self Reporting Questionnaire (SRQJ to assess mental health problem in NAD province. The identification of stress factors and socio demographic variables in NAD is a farther analysis based on SRQ .from Surkesda NAD 2006. The analysis covered 1210 people aged 15
years and over spread out in 21 dtsttricts/cities in NAD. The overall prevalence of neurosis in NAD in 2006 was 22, 6% with prevalences by districts/ewes ranged from 5% to 59%. Two districts with prevalence above 50% were Aceh Singkil and Gayo Lues, while districts/cities with prevalence below 10% belonged to Sabang and Aceh Jaya. Symptoms that most people reported were headache (51,2%), fatique easy (37%), sleep difficulty (26%), abdomi nal discomfort (25. 6%) and loss of appetite (21, 1%).
Female had risk more than one and a half to neurosis (OR=l.598; 95roCJ: 1,121- 1, 772). Aged > 55 year had risk almost two times to neurosis (OR=l,923; 95% 1.592-2.323). Divorce status had risk
1.711mes (OR=l,73; 95% Cl: 1.082-2.767). Living in rural had risk 1.4 times (OR=l,409; 95% CI: 1, 155-1,858). Married with low socioeconomic status had risk 1. 7 times (OR=l, 790; 95% Cl:
1,263-2,539). The study suggests that the most important region to get more attention are Aceh Singkil and Gayo Lues districts. The study also recommend of the need of mental health intervention for old group, community mental health that focus on non psychosis mental disorder identification to prevent serious mental disorder. and availability of some medicines to overcome chronic stress symptoms.

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