Pengaruh Akupresure pada Ibu Laktasi terhadap Kandungan Kadar Protein Air Susu Ibu

Wilujeng, Lestari Kanti (2003) Pengaruh Akupresure pada Ibu Laktasi terhadap Kandungan Kadar Protein Air Susu Ibu.

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This study examined the influence of the acupressure of lactating mothers and protein content in breast milk who have a baby is about 0-4 months of age. The study were devided by two groups. 1. The intervention group were conducted in mother and child hospital Surabaya 2. BKIA RS Santo Paulo Surabaya as a controle group The methodology of the study was experimental design and involved 20 lactating mothers for interventions group and 18 lactating mothers for controle group, taking by simple random sampling. The activity of intervention group were three days training for the workers about the technical acupressure for lactating mother on meridian ST.16, ST.17, ST.18, ST.36, CV.167 and Ll.4, by the team researcher. The trainer trained the lactating mothers about acupressure on the same meridian. The lactating mothers do this exercise two times a day for duration 11 days (09.00 a.m at the hospital and 16.00 p.m. at home). The control group didn&#8217;t do the acupressure. Everyday before the exercise the health worker takes and recodes the body weight for the lactating mothers and their baby. The breast milk of the lactating mothers were taken about 25 cc for examination the protein contents by specto fotometer for pre at first time visited (at 12th days) both of two groups. The results of the treatment group indicated that the average of protein contents of breast milk were 1,942 g/100 cc (Pre treatment) and 3,188 g/100 cc (Post treatment). The protein content of breast milk for the treatment group analyzed by t-test for paired samples indicated that at 2-tail sig <&#945; (0,003 > 050) so the were significant difference for before and after treatment. An the result of the control group indicated that the average of protein content of breast milk were 2.649 g/100 cc (Pre treatment) and 2,848 g/100 cc (Post treatment) and the analyzed of control group by t-test for paired saples indicated that there were no significant differences at 2-tail sig >&#945; (0,504 > 050). The conclution study of the acupressure on the meridian St.16, St.17, St.18, St.36, Cv.17, Ll.14, were influenced and increasing of protein content of breast milk for lactating mothers.

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