Bionomi Anopheles Spp di Daerah Endemis Malaria di Kecamatan Lengkong, Kabupaten Sukabumi

Munif, Amrul (2008) Bionomi Anopheles Spp di Daerah Endemis Malaria di Kecamatan Lengkong, Kabupaten Sukabumi.

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A study on bionomics of Anopheles spp as malaria vectors has been conducted during September-March 2006 in Langkap Jaya village, Lengkong Sub district, Sukabumi district, West Java Province.The objective of the study was to identify the vector bionomics which could be used as baseline data for the implementation of malaria elimination programme. Moreover the data could be used as early warning system to prevent malaria outbreaks in Sukabumi district The results of the study on population dynamics showed that An. barbirostris was more dominant than An. aconitus in Lengkong sub-district. The occurrence of human biting An. aconitus was the highest in October-December with man biting rate (MBR) index of 2.52 while that of An. barbirostris was the highest in September-October with MBR index of 3.62 and of An.maculatus was the highest in January-February with MBR index of 0.31. There was a significant difference between biting occurrence inside and outside the house (P< 0.05).The longevity of An. barbirostris was found highest in December (3.49 days). The longevity of An. aconitus was found highest in December ( 8.58 days) and An.maculatus was found highest in January (2.65 days). The biting activity of Anopheles spp occured troughout the night (indoor and outdoor). In addition, before midnight, the late biting peak was revealed. Therefore, it can be assumed that An.aconitus has a role as malaria vector because its longevity supported the development of Plasmodium into infective stage.

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