Kolesom (Talinum triangulare Willd.) Tumbuhan Berkhasiat Afrodisiaka Yang Aman

Nugroho, Yun Astuti and Nuratmi, Budi and Winarno, M. Wien (2008) Kolesom (Talinum triangulare Willd.) Tumbuhan Berkhasiat Afrodisiaka Yang Aman.

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Ginseng has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years as an aid to prevent and treat many kinds of disease. It has been called a panacea. After intensive pharmacological investigations during the last 50 years, ginseng has developed a great reputation for marked effects on the body. In Indonesia is know as Kolesom (Talinum triangulare Willd.),the roots of Kolesom have been indicated for the treatment of several diseases and as an diarrhea, antiinflamatory , tonics and aphrodisiac. The acute toxicity and aphrodisiac test of the roots of Kolesom werw stidied on rats . Acute toxicity test used Weil, CS (1952) , while that for efficacy test used WHO and RIA (1988) methods. The result of the study show that extract of Kolesom in 50 mg/200 g bw dose had an stimulates sexual function, sperm count and motility, increased testosterone hormones. The LD50 obtained from acute test was 315 g/kg of body weight.

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