Risiko Kesehatan Sistem Pernafasan Akibat Pemanfaatan Bahan Bakar Briket Batubara

Sukar, Sukar and Tugaswati, Agustiah Tri and Anwar, Athena and Haryono, Haryono (2003) Risiko Kesehatan Sistem Pernafasan Akibat Pemanfaatan Bahan Bakar Briket Batubara. Jurnal Ekologi Kesehatan, 2 (3). ISSN 1412-4025

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A Study was conducted during 1997-1998 in Pedan, Klaten, Central Java for collecting information on health effects of using coal briquet fuel. The odds ratios (0R) for 95% confident intervals (CI) were analysed by comparing the risk of the respiratory disease between people who use coal briquet fuel in their houses and similar households not using such fuels for cooking. Result of analysis show: 0R 95%CI of mother for: whooping cough 5,07(0,61-42,35), chronical sputum 4.05(0.46-35.43), air way resistance 0.17 ( 0.02-1.37), while asthma, chest pain, and tuberculosis were not detected. The analysis of 0R among children under five years old for: whooping cough 1.27(0.64-2.52), chronical sputum 0.51(0.1-3.68), asthma 4.05(0.46-35.43), air way resistance 1.35(0.35-5.83), whereas wheezing, chest pain, and tuberculosis were not detected. Less significant 0R was shown for mother (whooping cough and chronical sputum), and for children under five years old (whooping cough, asthma, and air way resistance). The study suggests that coal briquet fuel should be used with precautions and care. Used carefully, it can be used for long-term heating.

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